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Dr. Richard Jordan

Richard J. Jordan, PsyD, QME, is a Qualified Medical Evaluator in the State of California. Dr. Jordan performs Psychological Qualified Medical Evaluations for Workers’ Compensation cases.

Richard Jordan, PsyD, QME may be contacted at drjordan@cox.net


My approach to performing Psychological Qualified Medical Evaluations is thorough, and yet focused and efficient. I am committed to providing the highest quality QME Evaluations and Reports that efficiently focus upon the relevant case factors for each case. I have an understanding of the relevant legal issues and interpretations, such that my psychological findings and conclusions provide sufficient basis for any relevant legal findings. For example, in cases which involve Rolda analysis, elements of causation are delineated and quantified so as to support the relevant legal findings with respect to good faith personnel actions.

I also recognize the importance of thoroughly exploring all possible Nonindustrial Factors that might contribute to causation, as there are often unique or uncommon nonindustrial factors that affect causation of mental health symptoms.

My approach further emphasizes the importance of efficiently addressing all relevant sources of information for each case and applicant. These sources include Attorney Correspondence, Records, and Psychological Evaluation Results. The results of the psychological evaluation incorporate a thorough yet focused interview of the applicant plus an extensive psychological test battery. In arriving at the findings and conclusions in my QME Report, I include an efficient and balanced consideration of several factors, including interpretation of Test Results, the applicant’s Presentation, the applicant’s Reporting of symptoms and problems, and the Records. Any discrepancies between these sources are discussed as they may affect findings and conclusions.

The outcome of my thorough, yet focused and efficient approach is a QME report that provides clear findings and conclusions addressing all relevant case factors. This approach is further effective in that it reduces the likelihood that a supplemental report would be required to clarify findings and conclusions in the initial report. 

Qualifications and Experience

I have been performing psychological evaluations for over 20 years, including child, adolescent, and adult populations. These evaluations have involved individuals who have been in family settings, outpatient treatment settings, inpatient treatment settings, and criminal incarceration. My psychological evaluations have addressed a wide variety of issues and concerns, including Workers’ Compensation Claims, parenting suitability, child custody, and mental health issues related to prison incarceration.

I also continue to maintain a psychotherapy private practice with an emphasis on relationship and marriage counseling. Prior to my career as a Psychologist, I worked as a Chemical Engineer. My work was primarily in the environmental field, including the startup, development, and sale of an environmental engineering company that continues to do business to this date. My engineering training and background allow me to be quite comfortable with the thorough analysis required for an excellent QME Report.

Qualified Medical Evaluator

Richard J. Jordan, PsyD is certified by the State of California as a Qualified Medical Evaluator eligible to conduct Psychological Evaluations of applicants on behalf of the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Worker’s Compensation Medical Unit.